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I like music, culture, food.
I like singing, dancing, DJing. I love cult...
And so!!! fuck u!!!!

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Why do we?


Ship dark haired woman with blonde women 90/95% of the time? 













someonedropaboob :

Tudo o resto era apenas fundo.

someonedropaboob :

Tudo o resto era apenas fundo.


Yeah well, I hate you. No, you don’t. No. No… I don’t


Yeah well, I hate you. 
No, you don’t. 
No. No… I don’t

I’m not sure what inspires my personal style. I just never really wore dresses or skirts. I’m usually dressed like Alex. I prefer jeans, a T-shirt and boots. I like edginess to my clothes - Laura Prepon


Orange is the New Black Cast: Black and White +Photoshoots


Wordless mornings at Casa Rizzoli-Isles


Alex Vause in 01x08 (Moscow Mule)

Dear Pipes,

                You probably are not opening these, or if you are, I’m sure you don’t really want to hear what I have to say. I doubt if the tables were turned that I would be reading this, but on the off chance that you are still reading, I want to try and explain myself, which is difficult in a letter and would be so much easier face to face. I know that the situation in Chicago seems fucked, but I promise I was protecting you.
               There was a lot going on that I wasn’t able to talk to you about and if I had even a moment alone with you before the trial, I swear I would have been completely open and honest.
                The last thing I wanted after everything we have been through is for you to feel lied to, or deceived in any way. Piper, I promise, I am not that person…

Favourite On-Screen Relationships: Piper Chapman & Nicky Nichols   ( Orange is The New Black)

I spent a lot of time wondering if it would matter if I died.

In the macro sense, no. You’re one Cheerio in the bulk box of life. But.. you fucking tickle me . So, I think it would matter.

My thoughts on Orange is the New Black Season 2 

Episode 1:  Laura Prepon!

Episode 2: Where is Laura Prepon?

Episode 3: Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 4: Where is Laura Prepon?  

Episode 5: Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 6: Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 7: Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 8: Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 9:Where is Laura Prepon? 

Episode 10: Not enough Laura Prepon 

Episode 11: That’s definitely not enough Laura Prepon

Episode 12: I need more Laura Prepon 

Episode 13: God dammit.